Charleston Soccer Training Centers

Charletson Soccer Camp


Answers to Common Questions...

  • Q. What type of players attend the Charleston Soccer Training Centers?
  • A. We get a wide range of players that attend all of our programs. From the beginning player to the young state ODP player, our specific programs are designed to assist in the soccer development of all players.
    Our Pre Challenge Training Center is designed for those just beginning the game of soccer and a fun and exciting environment is created to enhance their joy of the game. This is a Half Day program for Boy's & Girl's ages 4-12.
    The Challenge Training Center will assist those that have played for a few years as we look to further their development in an action packed environment of soccer activities. With the focus on soccer techniques and games, the young player will get many touches on the ball and have a blast doing it. This is a Full-Day program for Boy's & Girl's ages 7-12.


  • Q. Can we watch the campers during the day?
  • A. Yes, many parents pull up a chair for the day and sit under any of the large oak trees to watch the days activities. Parents are always welcome to stay.


  • Q. Do you play Indoor Soccer?
  • A. Yes, every afternoon we have the opportunity to "beat the heat" and go indoor to further enhance our soccer game. This is a fast, furious and fun activity that is enjoyed by all players.


  • Q. What are the qualifications of your staff coaches?
  • A. The staff members of the Charleston Soccer Training Centers are all fully certified and Nationally licensed from American and International Coaching Academy's. The entire staff consists of some of the finest professional, collegiate and scholastic soccer coaches in the country.


  • Q. Can our team train and play together?
  • A. Yes. We always welcome entire teams and their coaches to attend and train together. Last year we had over 30 teams in our Team Training Center.


  • Q. What type of supervision do you provide?
  • A. All of our on and off the field activities are supervised at all time by our qualified staff instructors. Certified lifeguards are on duty during the hour of indoor swimming in Deas Hall.

  • What They Are Saying
  • "This is the best soccer camp I have attended in South Carolina. All the soccer exercises were very challenging."
    -- Wesley Asburn, Charleston, SC
  • "We really enjoyed our experience at the Charleston Soccer Training Centers. The staff and school were very impressive."
    -- Claire Edwards (mother), West Ashley, SC
  • "The Staff was not only very knowledgeable about soccer but really made a point of learning each childs name and giving them individual attention throughout the week."
    -- Bruce Talbot (father), Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • "I loved the soccer, lunch, video’s, swimming and the indoor soccer at the end of the day was intense."
    -- Nicholas Hayden, Mt. Pleasant, SC
  • "All of my kids have attended The Charleston Soccer Training Centers. It is the only one they will go too."
    -- Mary Johnson (mother), James Island, SC
  • "Our team attend The Charleston soccer program and the training was very specific and the teaching points given each day gave the children a better understanding of the game."
    -- Janet Glover (youth soccer coach), Summerville, SC